Friday, 22 September 2017

The reason for Manaiakalani film festival

Image result for ManaiakalaniEvery year Manaiakalani film festival  are celebrated by schools and community's. The Manaiakalani story is powerful and liberating. The name Manaiakalani was chosen for the work of enfranchisement and growing success in citizenship by schools in Tamaki that started In 2007. We believe that there's hope and education for every schools and we help                                  the that one in needs from Netbook                                        Chromebooks, In the Manaiakalni area. 

How do schools celebrate, by creating movies. The movies can be anything with anyone,and with this year in Pt England school room 3 movie is going to be challenge, a laugh and a memory. Parts of making our movie were difficult in many ways, such as forgetting lines and trying hard not to laugh. It was tricky bring the group together because there was other commitments like sport and much more.  So the Manaiakalani film festival is held in Sylvia Park mall Auckland.   

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