Friday, 19 February 2016

The big blue rescue

The big blue rescue.

It’s a clear day Jeff and max were out in the ocean in canoes. They went so far that they lost their way back. It was now foggy and difficult to see the way home.  Back on land the rescue team were friends of Jeff and max. They were concerned because they couldn't see them.   Luckily they  put a tracking device in the canoes so they could be found.
Meanwhile Jeff and max luckily had a fishing rod and bait. They fished and fished but got nothing, then suddenly they caught something.  It was big, it was nothing but  just a big old boot.
Jeff and max was in the hot sun, they had a umbrella they open it up and max was fast asleep. Jeff saw something moving, it  slowly come from a corner,  and  dark,black thing. Suddenly he could see it clearly this was not good It was a storm. He wack max on the face to wake him up, it don’t work he put his hand the water it was cold as ice water, he got a hand full and dumped it on max‘s face. He woke up a saw the storm.
Back on land the rescue team found them. They had to move quick because they know that the the storm was coming. They jump in the rescue boat and paddle away. they search and search but nothing to see. find only they found them but bad luck…
they were in the storm and and it wasn't good, it was dark and windy war cracked  open between the storm and the Survivors,  they saw them trying the paddle to the rescue boat. But too late, after the the big wave  the ocean swallowed Jeff and max. The rescue team was floating on the ocean  trying to see but all they can see was  two  canoes.  crying in tears all the rescues team was to leave. as they leave they sang a song, a sad one.
but just as the boat turn around the two brothers pop up from the ocean say “help Help we're still alive the boat turn around again to pick them up.
back on land a party open up and family and friend were there, especially the rescue team.   

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

How fire came to Samoa

This legend belongs to Samoa. This is how fire came to Samoa, according to the stories of long ago.