Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christian Tinkering tool and toys Recount

Paragraph 1.
Then a teacher showed up and introduces team 1. Team 1’s show was all about healthy school, healthy mind and healthy playground.She said “when I go went out seeing kids playing, I can see rapes around  the playground and I want  to do something about it. Then team 2 was introduced too. They had a play and Mr burt told us to make team 2 to look good in term 2 you know what I mean right?

Paragraph 2
Then team 3 was introduced they had a movie about toys and how they can make toys too. Now it was team 4 show there one was about how they can make things better when it was wet lunch then they had a movie it was about being in a game.Then it was team 5 they were the best one of


Nick is a young boy aged 11 years old. He enjoys playing video games on his computer. Here are his thoughts about the Nepal Earthquake.

Thursday, 20 November 2014

Christian How To Visit an Art Gallery

It is important that works of art and their frames are respected. You can look and admire, but you must not touch. A handy tip to remember is to keep one meter away from the art at all times. One meter is about the same length as your arm span.

Always move carefully when in the gallery as most of the artwork is precious and priceless. Only walk, and be aware of what and who is around you at all times.

The Gallery is a shared public space, so please behave considerately to people around you and relate to others. Keep a quiet and low voice. The same volume that you would use in the library.

If you stick to these guidelines you will have a happy and enjoyable experience at the amazing Auckland Art Gallery!
  1. List all of the rules for visiting the Auckland Art Gallery:
* NO runing.
*NO food OR  Drink.
*NO touching the paint
*keep 1 meter  away
*NO bad Behave.
*BE quiet.