Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christian Tinkering tool and toys Recount

Paragraph 1.
Then a teacher showed up and introduces team 1. Team 1’s show was all about healthy school, healthy mind and healthy playground.She said “when I go went out seeing kids playing, I can see rapes around  the playground and I want  to do something about it. Then team 2 was introduced too. They had a play and Mr burt told us to make team 2 to look good in term 2 you know what I mean right?

Paragraph 2
Then team 3 was introduced they had a movie about toys and how they can make toys too. Now it was team 4 show there one was about how they can make things better when it was wet lunch then they had a movie it was about being in a game.Then it was team 5 they were the best one of

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