Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Boring school By: Christian.

WALT:summarise a week long experience into a recount.  

 Boring school.
It was boring, really boring, so boring that it won the boring competition 2015 . I  did not go to Kawau Island.

The day before camp was Monday . It Started on Tuesday and finished on Friday. That morning I was lying down in pain, It was serious pain, I had to go to the doctors and We went for hours but when we saw the doctor he said
“You  are not going to camp”, and that's when I almost cried.

I arrived at school on Tuesday late. Everyone was looking at me, even the teacher! I knew that year 6’s had gone to the you-know-what, I'm sorry I'm too sad to say it . I thought  that they were looking at me like I was missing something, or I was a dumb lad, but no it was because I didn't go to Kawau Island . I sat alone at an empty  table. Some people watched me sit down with a book in my hand that I got from my bag. We had to do Silent reading before we went onto our Chromebooks.

Wednesday it got better,I think, I'm not sure. The girls still looked at me from yesterday, the boys were trying to pull faces behind my back. Maybe they were crazy , but me …  I'm normal. I think. Wait! am I? I don't  know, now I'm confused. We had to do poems, and more poems and one forest  picture.  

Thursday was awesome, that's all except for one thing … I got some  paint  on  my clothes.  Now I looked like a painter but my mum said that I had to wear other clothes. The  big story is my  class  went to  the maker -space.  That  is where we make projects  and wooden toys and other kinds of stuff . I was painting a  wooden board but I got too close to the wooden board and boom I got paint all over.

Friday was like a day at Kawau Island(but with technology ). At  school it was noisy at assembly , everybody was talking and  talking and  talking over and over again. In the middle part of the school hours If got fun. We had to play Code combat and if we got up to level 10, we are allowed on free time. At the last part we got to play games outside on the  grass and the cool park.

Well staying at school isn't too bad as the kawau Island, but it school you know when you have camp then stay at  school beside it’s for my own good. Look out on my blog to see what’s NEXT!

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