Thursday, 8 December 2016

If I was prime minister of NZ

On Monday John key resigned as new zealand Prime Minister because John key  need some time with his family, and He said “ I feels like it’s the right time for me”.

He spent 8 years as leader of the National party, The responsibilities of the prime minister are to solve problems like changing the new zealand flag or dealing with the earthquakes in  christchurch and Kaikoura.

If I was Prime minister of NZ I would help the homeless to get off the streets and put them into homes, and I would give food supplies to the ones in need.

Friday, 2 December 2016

My letter to Kaikoura

To those who are affected by the earthquake in Kaikoura this is our letter to you. We were very shock happen to you all in Kaikoura and  sorry for what happen to your homes and the your love ones.  

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and we believe that you can overtake this earthquake. I know it’s scary but as we speak May god in heaven help you all. We all here will always support you and we got your back.  

We are really sorry to who that’s been robbed or other words, loot.  We hope that food and water we come and help and and we hope everyone’ safe,warm,health.

Instructional Writing

WALT:  write a Instructional Writing for the followers.

hi here is my Instructional writing hope you enjoy.