Thursday, 9 June 2016

My life by:Christian

WALT: I can recognise and understand the connections between oral, written and visual language.
 - Identify language features and use them in descriptive writing

My life  

This is harder than it looks, having five brother and a sister is really hard work. I see my brothers fighting the game and my sister bossing me around, all I want is some peace. I mean real peace like when does my brothers get along  or my older sister stop acting like she my mother well she an’t.

One time my one brother made me in trouble. We were watching the hulk and suddenly my brother lay on the floor I said “what are you doing?” he replied “getting you in trouble” so there he laid on the floor and scream dad came running in and said “what happened?”. My brother said “ he (that me) push me down” my dad said “you get out” I was really mad. But in my words… I was pissed off,really.