Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Friday, 20 October 2017

Niuean Language week!

Hey! It's the end of the first week of term 4 2017 and it's Niue language week! First things first, we had the New Zealand national anthem At Assembly and every thing else. For Niue language week and every Language week has a performance. 

The Performance was so Amazing, it was like watching pros at the Niuean dances. Soon after a beautiful dance the music stared to change and the boys came from behind and did the haka. I bet some people were Scare, I know I was. I don't know what but I can tell this, never underestimate Niuean! 

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Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Statistics and Probability math.

My name is Christian this presentation is about somethings that can be possible or impossible. Also there are things like likely unlikely and chance this presentation. This tells these things as well. Let me give you an example possible : means things that you do. For example things that you do can be possible some people say it might be possible if you believe well don't do that because it either possible or not. 

Next is Impossible:Impossible is when you likely want to do something but It can't be possible if that makes sense. Another thing about Impossible is that if you want to jump off a tall tower it's Impossible to survive And I'm pretty sure No one can survive a fall. Now the next one is Likely:Likely is something that might happened like possible but possible it can happened, but likely is something that MIGHT happened chocolate you might likely have chocolate everyday if that makes sense. If you have another resin then yeah.

Musical Madness, term 4 2017

Hey hey hey! It’s that time again and were back in 2017 term 4! Yes I know it’s last but we just have to suck it in and go right though. Today we had a Immersion assembly and the tiled is “Musical madness”.

I wonder how we're going to learn through music? well the answer was revealed today in our Assembly. Every teacher was dress up, The principal (Mr Burt) was dress and a funky looking as usual and funny wig and dress up filled the side of the hall. Every team had a focus and turn it into Entertainment.

Our focus was the almost the same as the others "How do composers use music to evoke an emotional response in an audience". All the other teams just said it easier for the little ones. The most entertaining one was our one of course, but I like the others one as well. Team 5 ( AKA: us) had a act, and there was a family and three teacher were the children and there was a mum and a dad.

The act was so funny, they were watching the lion king and there were watching the start how simba was rises. Soon after they watched the first part the music stared to change, to all kind. Scary, funny, even to the "let it go" song. I can tell this, Term 4 2017 will be the last, but the best!

So Stay tune for update cause we'er gonna save the best for last!

Thursday, 28 September 2017

Ratio and Proportion word problems.

 Come on, let's test your brain about Ratio and proportion problems. What we had to do was to just answers, enjoy.

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Flounder fishing.

The flounder event.

Wednesday 2017, 27 of September and wet shoes every where! The clouds scattered the sky and cover the sun and it was a good day to fish for some flounders.

Today Pt England school walk down to riverside ave, why you say? All because of flounders, a small group of ours went to fish for some flounders not to kill but to farm. before we went down we lined up orderly fashion, Youngest to oldest and had to keep real quiet. Finally we got there on Riki road and went past some houses.

Our small group used our some thing called a drag net. When we got there we sang a himene ( prayer) and a karakia ( hymn) we got mixed up in the words but it was all right.


Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Speech Reflection.

It was 2017, 25th of August and every literacy class was focusing on oral language, which is  speeches. Every room had 3 top students and had performed in front of team five. This competition was clean and simple, everyone give their speech.  

Up first was Amelia, her speech was a personal story. It was about her grandma coming and clean up at school, and how she was happy and excited to clean. Then she talked about her mum coming to school to help,it was a very good and also sad.
The most interesting person was sheena, her topic was can money buy happiness. The most funny person was muba and his topic was,  if he was president for one day.

As the day went past the speeches are almost finished, the judges are designing how going to be winner, by this is as far as I go. This is my speech but it didn’t make it to the finals, enjoy.

Why do students hate school?

Quick question, why do people hate school…do you? Of course, you do, but is school important or is it just a waste of time? And are we really learning anything? Well, let me tell you why our school is important to you.

School is like a ticket to life, a journey, a memory.But in the other hands, A number of students want to skip or even worse, drop out. But there’s alway a reason why there are bullies, it’s boring and even that sleeping habits well you know I do, but anyway there's still there’s a whole much more. Whatever it is, there is always a solution, there is alway a way to solve it.

A lot of kids are getting bullied, and that’s one of the reasons why students are skipping. We all heard of tips like stop, think and do, and use your W.I.T.S right? Well at this stage the little ones are simply forgetting and are fighting, being disrespectful to each other and to teachers. It’s our job is to remind them the pt England way.                      

Another thing is our education, We’re just students and we need this for every step in our lives. You skip school you won’t learn anything, in my opinion, that’s true like there might be a huge activity and you miss it. All I can say is why the school of is important and you have a whole future to prepare for.

School is changing our lives as we know it, we're learning every day at school. For example, from year 1, your ABC's, you're reading, even what 2 + 2 = (by the way it’s a fish). If you think your teacher is the toughest, wait until you get a boss. So enjoy being young and turn on your brain because of your need everything to get a job.

And this my friends  brings us to the end of my speech. So, skipping school what for? After all of this you’re know what to do when it come to school. Did you learn anything from my speech, if yes what was my main Idea and tips? If this help you learn in school then you're welcome, Amen.  

By: Christian Mafoe siolo lilo.