Wednesday, 1 November 2017

A.I.M for success!

A + I = M, what does that mean? well I'll tell you what, one of the teachers from Auckland grammar school, Mr Patterson  came to talk about launching the future. So A.I.M mean of course aim, but I'm going to talk about the formula of success!  

A is for Aspiration, Aspiration is what make you wake up from bed. It's like waking up and visioning the day, what your going to do and what your going to became.

I is for Inspiration, take today for example, Mr Patterson showed us a video about the boy name Willie giving a homeless man lunch and money for two week. I was Inspired for Willie giving lunch and money is a blessing.

And last but not lease M is for Motivation. What Motivation? It's an idea or a goal for each and every person. Motivation is within but in other word, Intrinsic. Intrinsic is another word for within and the opposite is extrinsic.

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