Monday, 4 September 2017

My final speech.

This is my new and final speech, this was from the last one a 28 of July. I added and delete some of my ideas and tips, So enjoy!

Why do students hate school?

Quick question, why do people hate school…do you? Of course, you do, but is school important or is it just a waste of time? And are we really learning anything? Well, let me tell you why our school is important to you.

School is like a ticket to life, a journey, a memory.But in the other hands, A number of students want to skip or even worse, drop out. But there’s alway a reason why there are bullies, it’s boring and even that sleeping habits well you know I do, but anyway there's still there’s a whole much more. Whatever it is, there is always a solution, there is alway a way to solve it.

A lot of kids are getting bullied, and that’s one of the reasons why students are skipping. We all heard of tips like stop, think and do, and use your W.I.T.S right? Well at this stage the little ones are simply forgetting and are fighting, being disrespectful to each other and to teachers. It’s our job is to remind them the pt England way.                      

Another thing is our education, We’re just students and we need this for every step in our lives. You skip school you won’t learn anything, in my opinion, that’s true like there might be a huge activity and you miss it. All I can say is why the school of is important and you have a whole future to prepare for.

School is changing our lives as we know it, we're learning every day at school. For example, from year 1, your ABC's, you're reading, even what 2 + 2 = (by the way it’s a fish). If you think your teacher is the toughest, wait until you get a boss. So enjoy being young and turn on your brain because of your need everything to get a job.

And this my friends  brings us to the end of my speech. So, skipping school what for? After all of this you’re know what to do when it come to school. Did you learn anything from my speech, if yes what was my main Idea and tips? If this help you learn in school then you're welcome, Amen.  

By: Christian Mafoe siolo lilo.

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