Friday, 28 July 2017

Why do people hate school?

Why do people hate school? I’m one of those kids and I still come! but is it important... or is it just a waste of time? Do people like learning anything?  Well here are some reasons why kids hate school and why school is important.

School is like a ticket to life, a journey, a memory. You go to school to learn and have fun with friends, But some people are thinking about skipping school. The question is WHY? Is it because there’s too much drama or is it the classes you go to, whatever it is, there is always a solution, there is always a way to solve it.

Here are some reasons why people hate school and to solved the problem.  First: getting bullied. A lot of kid are getting bullied and that’s the reason kids are skipping. Here’s the plan  Use your W.I.T.S, that all there is and  if someone is making trouble use these and remember.  “W” is walk away from the person that’s making trouble, “I” is ignore the person.  “T” is to talk about it with the person or another student. Last but not least  “S” is to seek for help from an adult or a teacher.

Another one is: being to cool. Boys and girls are trying to be too cool and they think about skipping school is one of their plans. You can say their cool be it’s better to be intelligent. If you don’t go to school for one day, you have to have a note for the teacher, to explain the reason why you didn’t go school. If you skip school, first ask yourself, what for, Why do the wrong thing   When you got a life ahead of you and future to prepare for.

So... Did you learn anything from this writing? What was the main Idea? Does this help you learn in school, if it did then you're welcome and also remember to use your W.I.T.S!  

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