Friday, 17 March 2017

Living the culture tradition.

Team 5 Went to polyfest! And if I’m rubbing this in your face, then sorry. Here’s why we went to polyfest, We went to polyfest to see how people hold the tradition and see tents, workshops and muck more!

Polyfest is a awesome event, there’s samoan, tongan, cook Island groups performing and much more! There’s a lot of people performing in this event and a lot of people watching. We team 5 had to line up in the street ( not the real street and block) and did the role. Right after that we slowly move onto 2 buses and marked our way to polyfest.  

We arrived at polyfest so excited that some of us had their socks bowled of. ASB was so kind we went in polyfest by a secret way into polyfest. Once we were in, Mrs tele’a asked team 5 to line up and sit down and wait for some polyfest organisers. We waited for so long we began to melt. Some of us started to play hand game, like pikachu and apple on a stick.

Finally the polyfest organisers came to talk to us about ASB and polyfest, and just like that we were on our way. Me and some other students we had a group with Mrs Tele’a, and we visited all the Stage. There one called Diversity stage and the Maori stage as well. We went to visited tents as well, like fire service, Babba's house, Mia FM, ASB truck and much more. After We lined up and came back to school on bus.

So did you like to recount? Are you planning to go polyfest, If you are then have fun!

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