Thursday, 27 August 2015

Bean bags for hire

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Bean bags for hire

Bean bags are comfortable and soo soft to sit on. It is better then setting on the  hard floor you can set on the lovely bean bags

During class time bean bags are available to hire every day at can to sit on ,lie on it you can do whatever you want!(well not do everything like com’on). Instead of sitting on the floor or on  those flat surface things , you will be able to sit on the bean bag to do your work.  

The bean bags are filled with soft, teeny,tiny,wee ball and covered in a rubber  skin. They can be moulded into the shape of your choice and they are really cool bean bags . You can choose to sit on the soft lovely thing ,or use it to lean back on.

The bean bags come in two different colours. A blue one like N.S.W., and a green one like hulk. It’s your choice which one you want to date with( haha very funny) . It is like relaxing, massaging chair it sooo soft and if it’s big enough you can hide or be in the bean bag do you get what I mean?    

The price is 3pt all day( I know what your think). You pay once at the beginning of day l and then you can use the beanbag for the rest of the day easy right but if you are late I sorry but you can’t have it when you late. Remember 3pt for you to sit on a soft, lovely,really cool  beanbag during class all day. So if I was you I rather save in or take down.

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