Thursday, 27 August 2015

Applying for a job

Walt: write an application for a job
Applying for a job

This week I'am going to be writing an application for a job here at school. I can choose from the list of jobs or even create your own. I will Remember to think about it and add into my application why I would be good for the job and what characteristics I have that make you the best applicant. Have fun and those who are able to make me laugh and keep me interested are more likely to get the job!

I would apply for a Porch Cleaner I can be useful and I am a master a cleaning stuff.
I can pick up stuff and clean to shoes at the same time. I clean my room I clean the house.

I want the job because I have nothing to do also I am organise and keep shoes the tidy. I can be fast as well. I got what it take to do this job I love being a helper and I am the one you need. I got the seabed and the muscles I never complain. I will get enough sleep. I have got good eye vision. A rubbish on the ground I quickly pick it up and put it in the bin.

My mini superhero Christian would like to be in this job and I  will allowed him to do this job and
my mini superhero Christian  will not complain. He Is Super Duper Extra fast at cleaning the guest room he calls it the S.D.E.C. He is responsible at doing jobs If I was you I would allound him to do the job.
O and my name is superman I know I know hard to believe. OK I need to go now goodbye.  

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