Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Musical Madness, term 4 2017

Hey hey hey! It’s that time again and were back in 2017 term 4! Yes I know it’s last but we just have to suck it in and go right though. Today we had a Immersion assembly and the tiled is “Musical madness”.

I wonder how we're going to learn through music? well the answer was revealed today in our Assembly. Every teacher was dress up, The principal (Mr Burt) was dress and a funky looking as usual and funny wig and dress up filled the side of the hall. Every team had a focus and turn it into Entertainment.

Our focus was the almost the same as the others "How do composers use music to evoke an emotional response in an audience". All the other teams just said it easier for the little ones. The most entertaining one was our one of course, but I like the others one as well. Team 5 ( AKA: us) had a act, and there was a family and three teacher were the children and there was a mum and a dad.

The act was so funny, they were watching the lion king and there were watching the start how simba was rises. Soon after they watched the first part the music stared to change, to all kind. Scary, funny, even to the "let it go" song. I can tell this, Term 4 2017 will be the last, but the best!

So Stay tune for update cause we'er gonna save the best for last!

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