Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Superpowers!! by: Christian

WALT: write effective paragraphs using juicy and exciting words.

Super powers .
If I had superpowers It will be multiplying myself and then I can finish my homework on time, year that will be Awesome. I want to  learn how to make it maybe I can invent  a machine to copy myself or I can stung by superpower  lighting .

Superpowers  would be like  a bullet in your head. When I make a copy of myself, it looks like I 'am just tapping my watch 3 times,but then a duplicate twin clone emerges beside me. I can control my new self. it would be like a brother. If I treat myself nicely it will obey me.

I will use it to save to world and fight. I can do super fast homework, I would fight bay guys and I can save the world by fighting.If I wanted to have friends I can copy myself,I can make a Army and fight other people's army.

The task ask me to Wright a story about superpower and use Technical words, juicy
language and interesting

vocabulary and sentences are varied some simple and some simple complex.

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