Friday, 19 September 2014

key competencies.

Hello my name is Christian  from Pt England  School. I am  going to tell you the five key competencies.

Managing self : managing self is when you’re  controlling yourself and you tell your mind to do the right thing. For  example if you are  playing with a friend  and a ball and then someone comes and takes the ball  he or she comes  from  nowhere OR people  like to say “from the blues”.

So the person  takes the ball but what do you do. Do you the right thing or wrong thing? right,   wrong,  right,  wrong ,  right!

Thinking: thinking is a way that you’re doing you work or the thing you're supposed to do. like when you are online and if something pops up and  it’s something rude. what do you do? A: delete it, B: watch it  or look at it,  or  C: show it to other people? the question will be answered after the  key competencies.

Relating to others:  relating to  others is a way like being respectful to other like listening to people when  
you are in a group  and you’re making thing better but  what if the  group is not respectful  to you. What  do you do. A:tell the leader or a teacher to tell them be quiet, B: tell they by yourself  they   be quiet ?  OR C: you go away and cry?

the   answers.

for Thinking.      A : delete it

for Relating to others.
A tell the  leader OR a teacher to tell them be quiet.

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